Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I recently emailed Lancaster Archives in England about Joseph Moorbee and found them to be very helpful.
They told me that they only keep the records of Lancaster Quarter Sessions, and that records of more serious offences tried by the Assizes were held by the British National Archives.
But they did have some information about Moorbee after all:
However a search of our electronic catalogue found the following entry from QJC/1, a calendar of prisoners:
          Prisoner forename: Joseph
          Prisoner surname: Moorbee
          Age: 24
          Offence: Burglariously broken and entered dwelling house to steal a gold watch and other
                        articles; also again to steal a small purse, 2s., 3 silk handkerchiefs & other
          Hundred: West Derby & Leyland
          Place: Atherton/Tyldsley w' *
          Date of offence (if given): 19 May 1821
          Verdict if given (based on annotations on the printed calendar): Guilty
          Sentence if given (based on annotations on the printed calendar): Death, reprieved
Thank you, ACS Record Office, Lancashire, England.