Sunday, December 18, 2011


This was the first post I made on this subject on 2-8-2010.

I have found the name MAWBEY spelt MURBY, MOUBEY, MOWBEY and MOWBRAY. These alternative spellings, along with MAWBY, need to be taken into account when researching shipping and convict records.

UPDATE 22-2-11
Further research has revealed even more variant spellings of the name MAWBEY. They are MABE, MABEE, MABEY, MABIE, MABY, MAUBY, MAYBEE, MEBIE, MEABY, MOORBEE, MOORBY, MOOREBY, MOORBEY, MORBY, MOREBY, MOWBY and MOWERBY.

Could this be why I have not been able to find my ancestor GEORGE MAWBEY on any shipping lists?

UPDATE 31-3-11
Information found on STATE RECORDS NSW website:
Joseph, MORBY (MORBEY), 22, convict, arrived 26-11-1822 on Eliza; together with Thomas Beasley, convicted of stealing goods at Airds 23-1-1830 and at Cooke 25-1-1830; and an assault at Cooke 21-1-1830. Tried before Supreme Court on circuit at Campbell Town and executed on 8-2-1830.
Joseph MORBEY, 25, convict, arrived 14-4-1885 on Rose of Sharon from London.
John MORESBY, 21, convict, British seaman, arrived 21-3-1855 on Lord Hungerford from London.

Information found on TASMANIAN ARCHIVES convict records website:
Ann MORBY, convict, arrived 25-4-1836 on Arab; left London 30-12-1835.
Robert MABEY, convict, arrived 4-2-1844 on Anson; left Plymouth 1-10-1843.
John MORBEY, convict, arrived 1-12-1833 on John (2); left Spithead 6-8-1833.

Two French spelling variants: